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Born 1953 in Cologne/Germany, Guenther Bloch has been former and owner of the Canid Behaviour Center (Hunde-Farm “Eifel”), a research facility, dog school and boarding kennel in Bad Muenstereifel, since 1977. He has studied the behavioural ecology of timber wolves in Banff National Park for his “Bow Valley Wolf Behaviour Study” from 1992-2014. He did den-site observational research on tundra wolves in 1993 in the Canadian Northwest Territories and has also observed different subspecies of the gray wolf in several countries. As vice president of the German Society for the Protection of wolves (“Gesellschaft zum Schutz der Wölfe e.V.”) he has led a long-term field research project on wolves and livestock guardian dogs in Poland and Slovakia from 1993-1996. In 1999, he founded the “International Symposium on Canids”, where experts from around the world share their latest research-findings on canid behaviour every three years. Starting in spring of 2005, he created the “Tuscany Dog Project”, a long-term field study on feral dogs in Tuscany/Italy, where he has documented the behaviour patterns and habits of the “San Rossore Pack” and two other groups of free-roaming dogs until 2007.

Guenther Bloch is the author of twelve German books on wolves, feral dogs and human-dog relationships. He is also the author of over two hundred magazine articles and field research reports on canid behaviour. Guenther and his spouse have become permanent residents of Canada in 2009. The same year, he did intensive behaviour observations on a pack of dogs living in a Canadian native reserve. Guenther´s first English book, “The Pipestone Wolves – The Rise and Fall of a Wolf Family” has been published in Canada in 2016. Currently, Guenther and Karin are living in the province of Nova Scotia in a stunning landscape full of wildlife, including free-roaming “coywolves”.

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