Wolf & Co 2017

6th International Symposium on Canids – behaviour and conservation

May 19th – 21st 2017 in Berlin

The international symposium on canids includes detailed lectures from scientists and experts with subsequent discussions. The lectures are given in German or English and will be translated simultaneously. Informative poster presentations, exhibition stands and special lectures are integral parts of the event as well as the „meet and greet“ with the speakers and the possibility for relaxed get-togethers in the evenings at the hotel bar.
Dogwatcher organizes the 6th International Symposium Wolf & Co 2017 in Berlin on the occasion of the retirement of the well-known canid researcher Günther Bloch. The keynote speaker is the highly renowned biologist Dr. Paul Paquet.

ATTENTION: The renowned behavioral expert Dr. Paul Paquet cannot attend the symposium due to illness. Our thoughts are with him and we wish him all the best for a successful medical treatment. Read the original mail from Dr. Paul Paquet here.

Wolf & Co History

In 1999 Günther Bloch launched the first international symposium on canids Wolf & Co. His intention was to give the participants insights into the topic of canids in a popular-science manner. The focus was mainly on the wolf and the dog, but the dingo, the common jackal, the coyote, the African wild dog and the bat-eared fox also fascinated the audience. The speakers came from all over the world, such as Laurie Corbett from Australia, Ray Coppinger from USA, Paul Paquet from Canada or Greg Rasmussen from South Africa.
Names like Erik Ziemen, Günther Bloch, Dorit Feddersen-Petersen, Helmuth Wachtel, Udo Gansloßer, Adam Miklosi or Peter Neville made the symposium a real cult event. In the tranquil Bergisch Gladbach – the original venue – some heated expert discussions were still conducted at night in the bar.
In 2017 Wolf & Co takes place in the dog metropilis Berlin. In the surrounding state of Brandenburg the wolf has recently returned and thus will provide additional topics for conversations, not only at night.


As special highlights Wolf & Co 2017 offers international speakers and topics in Germany for the first time:

  • Jonathan Way from USA presenting his research on eastern coyotes / coywolves;
  • Roberto Bonanni from Italy whose main research interest is the social organization of free-ranging dogs;
  • Andrey Poyarkov from Russia with observations on Russian street dogs


Price information

The attendance fee for the 6th International Symposium on Canids is

349,- € per person

(including the value-added tax) and privides the following services:

  • Participation in the Symposium (including panel discussions and special lectures)
  • Seminar documents
  • Lunch (buffet)
  • coffee breaks in the morning
  • coffee breaks with snacks in the afternoon
  • certificate of participation