Dr. Mike Gibeau



Mike Gibeau is now the Stewardship Coordinator for the Southern Alberta Land Trust, after a 33 year career with Parks Canada.  Mike has extensive experience in the ecology and management of large carnivores including research on coyotes, wolves, black bears and grizzly bears.  In recent years, much of his time was spent coordinating grizzly bear conservation and policy programs as the Carnivore Specialist for the Mountain National Parks.  These days Mike’s work is centered on private ranches.  His focus lies in applying innovative conservation measures on the ground.  Mike is not only involved in the biology and management of large carnivores, but has a keen interest in interdisciplinary problem solving, the social context of conservation and the links between science and policy.  Mike has a MSc in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana and a PhD in Conservation Biology from the University of Calgary.  He is currently also an Adjunct Professor in the Geography Department at the University of Calgary and advises graduate students at a number of universities in Canada and the United States.

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