Dr. Peter Blanché



Dr med vet Peter Blanché, born in 1950 in Furth near Munich, has a PhD in veterinary medicine from the LMU Munich and has his own veterinarian practice since 1981.

Through his veterinarian practice he specialises in canine behaviour and, as a consequence, also in wolf behaviour. Since 1994 he has, amongst others, had close exchanges on the subject with Prof. Erich Klinghammer and Erik Zimen until their death.

He has served on the management board of the German Society for the Protection of wolves (“Gesellschaft zum Schutz der Wölfe e.V.”) for 15 years. In this capacity he engages in various tasks to minimize the conflicts of cohabitation between humans and wolves, especially since more and more wolves are present in Germany again.

He is a member of the research group for wolf management on a national level (Bund) and in many federal states (Bundesländer). His main focus is on the use of livestock guardian dogs as wolf-friendly means to protect against attacks of wolves on livestock.

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